ALETHEIAlogo1Aletheia is an upcoming short film production about a VR game that infects the mind of its player, blurring the lines between the digital world and reality.


Andy just can’t seem to find his footing in the real world, but in Aletheia’s lush, fertile forest universe, he’s a god. It’s certainly no coincidence that his father was also a master of the game before he went missing, and now Andy is determined to retrace his final steps, whilst his girlfriend Kim insists that the game is now changing his personality. When Andy tries to stop playing for good, the world of Aletheia starts materialising around him and the only way to control these manifestations is to keep on playing. Whilst Kim looks to Andy’s mother for advice, Andy has an unexpected meeting with a retired detective who has become obsessed with a series of murders in which each victim was strangled to death – apparently by plants. Even more bizarrely, the DNA of Andy’s father was discovered at each crime scene. Kim now learns a disturbing truth about Andy’s father, which his mother has been hiding for years, desperate to keep Andy from seeing his father in a bad light. Before Kim has the chance to tell Andy about it, Aletheia begins to physically transform him into a monster that is about to take environmental activism to a very unhealthy level!



Previously academic.
Socially awkward but extremely talkative.
Somewhat distant from his mother.
Father missing.
Thinks too much about the past.
Favourite TV shows include Dexter and Lost.


Andy's girlfriend.
Social butterfly.
Two bothers, one sister.
Close to mother, father often working.
Wants to have children and travel the world. 
Constantly thinking about the future.
Favourite TV shows include The Walking Dead 
and Game of Thrones.


Late fifties.
Retired Detective.
Expert on the disappearance of Andy's father.
Few friends.
His wife has divorced him and his son lives in Australia.
He seems to have nowhere to be, 
but speaks with great urgency.
He hardly watches TV, but sometimes listens to Radio 4.
Reads The Telegraph from time to time. 
UKIP supporter.
Could be a character from a Harold Pinter play.

Writer & Director

After graduating from University, Steven developed his skills on courses at the New York Film Academy in LA and the NFTS. In recent years he has been writing and directing short films around full time commitments as a video editor. In the past year he has been employed as a script reader for BBC Drama, Euston Films, eOne Television and BAFTA nominated director Stephen Fingleton. Having worked on a number of short films and features as a camera trainee, Steven is also confident working on set, with a large crew, and with the most recent advances in camera systems.

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